Deadpool (2016)

 Superheroes take themselves very seriously, with dark tales of heroics being given to the audience to make them think about their actions. And then we have Deadpool, who basically gives the middle finger to every superhero out there. The character of Deadpool has certainly become a huge fan favorite over in recent years, and it’s clear to see why. From his hilarious dialogue, his over the top execution of violence, and fourth wall breaking jokes, Deadpool is comedic genius in comic Now, with a movie out in theaters, we are given a hilarious send up of all the superhero clichés that we have seen before. As such, I will be judging this movie as a comedy, and not a big serious comic book movie that everyone has come to terms with these past couple of years. “Deadpool” is a funny parody of all things superhero, and creates an energizing blast for everyone to thoroughly enjoy.

The story involves Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), a mercenary who is enjoying his life right now. Unfortunately,Wade has contracted cancer, and does not take to it too kindly. He then sees a brilliant opportunity to have his cancer cured, but gets back stabbed in the process. Wade then has his body mutated, and now wants to seek revenge on the person responsible for this. Taking up a name from a “to die” list, Wade becomes the merc with a mouth Deadpool, and starts to kick some major butt. Let the chimichangas consume your mind with laughter.

“Deadpool” is one of the funniest comic book movies to come out in recent years, and that’s saying a lot The humor is more than present, as there are plenty of jokes that address the audience, as well as some that will fly over the audience’s head. And this comes from a character that is known for this type of behavior. This, along with the pacing and editing keeps the movie running smoothly as well as keeping the audience laughing along with what’s going on. The action more than delivers as it gives out plenty of violent content that would please fans of this type. Oh, and one more thing: this movie is rated R for heavy violence and language, so, you might want to put the kids to bed before you go see this.

Yet what really steals the show is the cast. Everyone does a great job with the roles that they are given, and some of the more comedic actors give their delivery with spot on perfection. We even get some cameos from the X-Men franchise, which is a nice surprise for Marvel fans. But it is the performance from Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool who definitely stands out the most. He gives a great performance, and it’s one of the best that he has ever done.

On top of this, the special effects look amazing, and the costume design for Deadpool himself sticks very truthfully with the comics. Visually, this is a very nice looking film.

I must admit, “Deadpool” is truly a funny movie that everyone needs to see, just to get a good laugh. Sometimes, superhero movies don’t need to take themselves seriously, and “Deadpool” more than proves this notion.

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