The best movie ever made (Tied with The Departed). I’m not going to give anything away, but you NEED to see this film. Do it now, this film is the best you will see this year, or any other year ever (besides The Departed). See it, trust me, you won’t regret it.

Best Aspects: Everything. The writing and directing were the best, and Leonardo DiCaprio was AMAZING (and I used to not like Leo)! See this movie now!

Bottom Line: A++. You NEED to see this movie. I can’t give anything away, but I would love to, because its awesomeness resonates with you out of the theater. SEE IT NOW!

8 thoughts on “Inception”

  1. Unfortunately, although I think Inception is excellent, I can’t recommend it for everyone. For some it may be too complicated, for others who go to movies for pure enjoyment may not like to think too hard about certain concepts that the film brings up. Glad you liked it, So far, it’s the only film this summer I’ve seen twice.

  2. Me as well, Robert. I agree that you have to be the right person to see it, because Nolan likes to screw with the minds of the audience. Which is EXACTLY what he did in this movie.

  3. Just saw it today. I agree with what has been said. Captured my attention immediately! You do have to think, which I like doing doing all the time. Very well thought out plot and detailed. Will become a classic!

  4. I completely agree, man. I mean, it is more of an experience than a simple movie. I think it might make it to #1 on the imdb list. I’m not gonna rant like Avatar, which ruined my accreditation, but the fact remains that it is a good movie, and it is a must-buy DVD for the mindful.

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