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07/10 is the best I can rate this movie. As much as I am being persuaded by my conscience to rate her in the upper ranks of 08 (4 Stars) I simply need to be true to myself and be unbiased with my review. SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN is a fairy tale told with sheer passion. The last Epic fairytale was unfolded when Lucy walked through the cupboard that stood all by itself in large room. The spell-bound land of NARNIA took the adult audience as much as the kids on a whirlwind of magical wonders until she wrapped up her tales in the year 2010.

Rated as PG13 SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN will not capture the younger audience and is likely to score more with a more mature audience. Although a fairy-tale most popularly known director Rupert Sanders experiments with this debut motion picture direction. You will be taken through a little bit of GLADIATOR, some magical moments of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, the dark forests of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, the evil of NARNIA and finally Rupert Sanders own creation of SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN.

The casting of SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN is one of the biggest risks taken by the casting team. Why did I say that? Kristen Stewart is Bella and always will be seen as Bella if she fails to come out as Snow White, Chris Hemsworth is the THOR and Charlize Theron has been struggling with her movies for some time now. Charlize Theron did make her mark with MONSTER back in 2003 and has never been as good since then. Undoubtedly with diverse talent she is largely convincing as the step mother and the dark queen Ravenna who kills the king (Snow Whites Father) and imprisons Snow White all her life until she finally escapes the clutches of Ravenna. However it is obvious that Theron struggles in bringing out the evil in the queen and is mostly observed as screaming her lines rather than being sinister. The beauty that is Kristen Stewart is the perfect Snow White. She fits the character like a glove. Innocent and pretty although when she does suit up into armor for battle to avenge her father’s death, she does look as if she is parading for a fancy dress competition and is also obviously shouting out lines instead of speaking them with emotion. Chris Hemsworth aka THOR is the huntsman recruited by the queen to hunt down Snow White once she escapes from the castle. The Avenger that turns huntsman by far is the only flawless performance in SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN.

Another that I took liking is the atmosphere injected by Rupert Sanders and his team using modern day CGI. Whilst the dark forest fails to impress the land of the fairies does have a touch of Pandora from AVATAR mixed with a pinch HARRY POTTER.

The positive attributes of the entire production does overpower the bad attributes overall, however if you do drop an ink to glass of milk the milk will discolor irrespective of the quantity of ink. Likewise SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN does have a few shortfalls and is tainted. Thusly one may savor the success that is SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN and appreciate it more if they consider the fact that this is Rupert Sanders debut in movie making. The writers are not widely exposed nor experienced although they have done a fairly good job with the script but it certainly isn’t the best.

SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN comprises of ground breaking direction for a debut motion picture, astute selection in casting considering the fragile actress Kristen Stewart is, good moments of CGI integration, above average performances with minor hiccups and a weak script that has been brought to life wisely.





RATING 07/10



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