Let us discuss the summer buzz of 2012 shall we?

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, PROMETHEUS & MEN IN BLACK III. These are the most anticipated titles this year. . This summer is Elysium compared to the horrendous motion pictures we had to sit through during the summer of 2011. Whilst these are the most anticipated blockbusters by no means do I at any cost place money with either title for wins at the Academy Awards 2013? Nolan and Scott may have potential but let’s just wait until it is that time shall we folks?

A decade later a movie is been brought back to life by the very duo who gave it her first breath and made the title the financially successful hit it is. When Steven Spielberg asked Barry Sonnenfeld to get on board the MEN IN BLACK bus I am certain a trilogy was not in the cards. The movie has been a whopping financial success and has in some extent redefined the genre of Aliens integrated with comic relief and Humans once defined by Sir Ridley Scott. The boys in black are back but do they have what it takes to open this summer following the mega hit AVENGERS?

Whilst Tommy Lee Jones has been quite the busy body making movies Will Smith comes back after 3 years since making SEVEN POUNDS. MIB is unofficially one of the biggest hits made by the duo and this come back is the ultimate challenge of their careers; re-inventing MIB.

Senior Agent Jay (Will Smith) is 15 years down the line after he put on his last black suit. Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) as we all recall went back to his lady after his memory was wiped clean since he took a trip down the gullet of the Alien roach who was trying to steal the galaxy off the hands of the Arquillians. Jay has never been able to settle down since he lost his emotion-less bland faced mature stud Kay. Jay keeps neuralising every partner he gets simply because none of them is Kay I presume. Tiny bit of an indirect bro-mance is what Sonnenfeld is working on.

Lacking the laughter by more than half with comparison to the previous movies MIB III is focusing more on clarity of it story rather than being a comedy / Alien movie. Will Smiths fresh prince attitude has been restricted and a more serious department has been handed over to him this time as he needs to go back in time in order to save the life of Agent Kay and also thereby once again saving the world. Boris the Animal is the Nemesis who locks horns with Agent Kay who is called back into service and has his memory re-jogged back in. Agent Kay sadly does not have all the answers and neither does he leave Agent Jay with any clues when he literally disappears whilst sitting in his own apartment. With his disappearance the Agent we all know as Kay ceases to exist in everyone mins apart from Agent Jay. Agent Jay travels back in time to hunt down Boris and find out why Agent Kay does not exist in the present. Surprisingly he meets a rather lose and jovial Agent Kay from the 1960s who reveals a magical secret.

The concept of time travel is the save line for MIB III. Media speculates that the idea of time travel was initially and idea of Will Smiths, however a righteous shout and nod is much deserved by writer Etan Cohen. What a magnificent comeback MIB III has been. In this enthusiasts opinion this is an absolute winner in terms of resurrecting a franchise.

Josh Brolin should not be overlooked at any cost. It’s amazing how Brolin and Jones are a smashing resemblance in personality. Josh Brolins talents are far more than what it was when he donned of cycling shorts in GOONIES. The resemblance of the younger Agent Kay and the older Agent Kay is uncanny. How Brolin has studied the characteristics of the older Agent Kay and play up to it is magnificent. With Precision delivery of Josh Brolin, with slap stick humor of Will smith and the presence of pure bad ass in Tommy Lee jones makes MIB III an indeed must watch this summer.

This movie is made for the fans of the previous movies and by far the best of the 3 in my opinion. What it lags in laughter it delivers in depth of its plot. MIB III isn’t the best movie of the summer and its certain, however it will for sure be one of the top favorites of 2012.

Black Suits Coming!





RATING: 07/10



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