A young intern (Jonah Hill) is appointed the task of escorting british bad-boy, and all around Rock-God, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), to a sold out concert at the Greek Theather in Los Angeles from his
home in London. However the experience of partying with the biggest name in music is less then a fantasy, and more of a nightmare. Now with a mentally disturbed musician to babysit, The young, and
unfortunate intern and snows number one fan (Hill) Must take the bull by the horn and Get Him To Greek!

There really isn’t anyway to describe this movie other than uber cool! From the very first scene till the end, Get Him To The Greek is a laugh out loud, balls to the wall, comedy. The acting, from the stars,
to the supporting cast, was just simply a joy. I was most surprised with the performance of music mogul ”Sean Combs” (Diddy) who basically steals the show from the seasoned Hill and Brand. The script was very well written and even delves deep into the mind of Russell’s charecter and opens doors to his outrageous behavior in ways that really were not touched on in (Sarah Marshall) Jonah Hill
who I believe is one of the funniest and brightest rising stars of our generation is so believable at being a whipping boy, that I actually fell for the act myself thinking: ”Where can I get me one of those.”
Directer/Writer Nicholas Stoller really out did himself with this better then Sarah Marshall spinoff.

I’m normally against trying to keep a franchise alive; however with a script and cast like this, I wouldn’t mind them tking another shot at it. I just hope that (Stoller) doesn’t lose his integrity and keeps
pushing the envelope, providing us, (The Fans) more movie magic like this one and (Marshall) before that. This film deserves acclaim and if not for the fact that I wish it were longer I would defenitly
rate this film a five out of five. If you feel depressed and need a laugh, or you just want to see crazy groupies, lunatic employers, and pampered, drug addicted musicians, this movie was created
with you in mind.