The film sucked… not much more I can say about it.

The cult following of the Vamp novels in my generation is really useless when you compare masterworks like Charlene Harris and Anne Rice works to Stephanie Meyer’s terrible bestseller. The fact is that a vampire novel can’t be made for teens and be good because there needs to be a good bit of violence and a better bit of sexuality (Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, for instance). The book was bad enough, but the movie was just awful. Sparkling deaths, terrible scripting and even worse cheesiness is really the whole film in a nutshell.

Best Aspects: None.

Bottom Line: F. I’m not even going to give this film sympathy because it sucked so bad.

7 thoughts on “Twilight”

  1. I thought that the film could have been done better. Or at least I thought It could have been, However after taking in the fact that was intended for a younger demographic I believe the Film did what it was suppose to..and that’s entertain teenage girls. All in all Twilight was not the monster many make it out to be.

  2. I’m not a massive Twilight fan, but I have read all the books and seen 2 of the films. I saw the film before reading any of the books and it put me off the whole saga, I thought it was rubbish, but then the books were forced upon me and I have to say, they’re a lot better. Well, the first 2 are. Bot so much the last 2.

    I disagree that a vampire film has to be violent and sexual. You may or may not know, Stephanie Meyer is a Mormon, and the Cullen’s way of life reflects how she thinks society should behave – acting with restraint, and against their animalistic nature and tendencies.

    And whilst I’m far from a prude, I do think that Bella and Edward’s intense but non-sexual relationship is a positive ideal of a relationship for teenagers to identify with.

  3. no teen relationship is in the middle. It is either filled with sexuality and cannot be contained, or is completely sexless and dryer than the Mormon Tabernacle. The idea of vampireism was originally a view of sexuality, the act of sucking the blood from a person in a sensual way (because it is normally a man doing it to a woman or vice versa) and when blood is involved, violence is necessary. The thought of vampires sparkling into the wind just makes Bram Stoker roll in his grave.

  4. True, and that’s why Edward loving Bella too much to eat her is exactly the same has him loving her too much to make love to her – because he knows the two acts are so intertwined and would both leave her dead (or so we think, until Breaking Dawn, but I won’t ruin things for anyone who hasn’t got there yet).

    Personally I’m with you on prefering the whole Dracula-style vampire to anything in Twilight, but look how succesful the franchise is! Whatever it can be criticised for, they’re doing something right.

  5. Well, they certainly are. I need to write a crappy book with no slander about a love triangle between 3 different species of humans and then make a crappier movie out of it and see how many girls it would take to tackle the record setting opening day gross of Eclipse, which was over 70 million damn dollars.

  6. As an Aunt to a twilight fan. I must say that this movie was better then that last, I was pulling my hair out with all her screaming. I liked the that we got to be shown the back story of two of the Vamps. in the movie. For this to be a teen movie I thought it was done in a way for kids to drink it all up and for parents not to freak out about it being… whatever they would like to be pissed about at the moment..

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