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Movie Review: Twilight Saga, Eclipse


All the Twilight fans can rest easy now for the third instalment of the franchise has arrived. This movie is directed by David Slade, the same director who made Hard Candy and Thirty Days of Night which are both great films. This movie is a prime example of what can happen when you hand over a franchise to a competent director who has a love for their work. 


The story this time around is the Cullen family is tracking a series of killings which are taking place in Seattle and they are in Grand Forks so they are close by. After some investigating the Cullen’s realize that Victoria played by Bryce Dallas Howard is creating an army of vampires in order to kill Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart for she blames her for the death of her mate James. Of course since it is a Twilight movie we have the love triangle that is in motion throughout this movie between Edward played by Robert Pattinson, Jacob played by Taylor Lautner and of course Bella. These two guys compete for her affection and of course that leads to some interesting situations. 


I just want to start off this section by saying that I did not like New Moon for it was boring and the dialogue was weak.  The original Twilight was okay but was nothing special. However, this film is by far the best of the series; it is leaps and bounds ahead of the other two. The action in this movie is far better than the previous film.  It is clear that Slade wanted to step up the editing which he did because one thing that New Moon really failed on was the wolves, they looked dull. When they were fighting it just looked bad, with this movie the wolves actually look authentic when they are fighting. The movie is filmed in a way that really captures the action well and it will surprise many people due to its high quality. Also they finally get into some of the back story surrounding some of the Cullen’s. The audience finds out the back story of Jasper played by Jackson Rathbone and Rosalie played by Nikki Reed. Once you find out there back story it allows the audience to connect much better with these characters. I actually really like the supporting cast in this movie, all of the Cullen’s are much better in this movie and the dialogue is toned down, it is not as cheesy as it has been in the previous movies.  


Even though I mentioned that the dialogue is toned down, there is still some dialogue in here that is just corny. I understand that is has to be there because it is in the books. I am willing to look past the whole eye candy thing for the girls because again I get it, I know that is a big draw for the fan base that the series has. Maybe some Twilight fans can help me out here but what exactly makes Bella so special? Why are these two guys fighting over her as much as they are? I mean Kristen Stewart is good looking but she is not that good looking to make these guys just go crazy on each other all the time and she has no other appeal she is actually quite boring. I do not see the appeal to her character at all, she is uncertain what she wants and she plays these guys against each other throughout the whole movie. That is the biggest weakness of the film is Bella, it is almost like she brings the film down when she is onscreen. 


Overall, I really liked this film and no one is more surprised than me. I went into this film not expecting much but I got so much more out of it than I ever imagined possible. Great action scenes, plus a strong supporting cast and a good director really brings this film up for me. July 1 is not just the birth of Canada but it is the birth of me becoming a fan of this film series.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Twilight Saga, Eclipse”

  1. There’s nothing special about Bella for most guys, but Edward is atracted to her because she’s his soulmate. We find out in Breaking Dawn the main reason why Jacob is attracted to her, but I think it’s also largely down to rivalry with Edward. Even though they have to work together, they are natural enemies so Jacob wants Bella for himself.

  2. Yes Jacob and Edward are natural enemies. And because of this fact Jacob uses his friendship with bella to antagonize Edward. Even so there is no doubt that his feelings for her are largely due to her being Bella. Jacob wants Bella for himself because he believes he is better for her than Edward.

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