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The Room: The Worst Film in the History of Creation

Tommy Wiseau poured his heart and soul into this film writing, directing and starring. He probably should have kept his made-for-radio face out of the production. In fact, he should have just not made it at all. This film is the absolute worst film I have ever seen. And it is said, in categories, to be a black comedy. In no way is it funny besides the fact that you are laughing about how bad the film is. The film is about a man, his wife, and his neighbor in a love triangle, and let me tell you, the acting is terrible.

Johnny (Wiseau) loves his wife (Juliette Danielle) who also loves their neighbor (Greg Sestero). The film really explores randomness for about 92 minutes, and for the other 7 minutes, you are laughing at how terrible the movie is.

Best Aspects: Run time. Thank god Wiseau didn’t make this his Deer Hunter, or it could have been so dreadful that a suicide may have happened in the theater.

Bottom Line: F-. The ONLY movie I have ever given such a bad rating. See this movie, please, it is pivotal to see how a bad movie is formed, and this is the most extreme form of a bad feature film. I award this film a 0/5 because of how bad it really was, though the movie is a must see. It is weird how it works out.

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