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Lost in Translation (2003)

Possibly one of the most inventive romances in the history of the genre, Lost in Translation is an amazing film that captivates as well as invigorates. The film is very gripping, though it had many mixed reviews, and it is probably one of the five best films of 2003.

Warn-out actor Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is an insomniac with hopes of befriending Charlotte (Scarlett Johanson), who is married to a photographer (Giovanni Ribisi) who is out at a photo shoot. The chemistry of Murray and Johanson is dynamic, to say the least, and the film delivers with the amazing direction and Oscar-winning writing of Sofia Coppola (yes, Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter).

Best Aspects: Everything. Everything in this movie is good, to me, but there is one thing that I would have worked on: the VERY ending. I think that if it had ended earlier, such as when he got into the car and it began to take off, leaving the viewer with more questions, like “where did he go?” along with the initial “what did he say to her?” question.

Bottom Line: A. Great Film. The 2003 film year was one of the best. This film, being the quality, would have won the Best Picture award if it was made in 2002 and might have even beet Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby in 2004’s Oscars.

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