Shooter brings the “BANG”, but will it be you banging your head from too much preaching or is it all in good fun?

Mark Wahlberg stars with Danny Glover filling in as the villain in this politically motivated action thriller. Shooter was directed by Antonie Fuqua who seems to enjoy projects dealing with either political turmoil or higher government forces going corrupt, having previously filmed Tears Of The Sun, King Arthur, Training Day, The Replacement Killers, and Bait.

Shooter is immediately being compared to the Matt Damon spy films in the Bourne series and rightfully so. However, Shooter layers the violence on much deeper and has enough sniper shooting sequences to wet the dreams of the most avid video game player. Yes, it is that good sometimes.

The acting is on par for this piece with Wahlberg and Glover doing their duty as paid and Michael Pena coming in with a very like-able performance as the three weeks out of the academy bumbling FBI agent who is on to something. Kate Mara and Rhona Mitra fill in two female slots in the cast, however their sexuality doesn’t really come into play even though there is a love interest sort of subplot going on, and this is a, well: shooter movie.

The downfalls of the film are the usage of cliché action movie plot additions. I don’t want to throw in a spoiler here, but in the opening when Mark Wahlberg’s spotter is looking at a picture of his wife while they sit in a war zone you automatically know he is going to get killed shortly thereafter, which felt like cheap build up to me the ever too avid movie watcher. However, the shooting and action in the opening makes up for the small details like that immediately. The second issue with the film is that the dialog becomes a bit preachy in some spots in pointing out the flaws of government. One can tell there was an agenda and message about the current state of politics and that sort of steals one out of the fantasy moment. Thirdly, the ending was a poor wrap up sort of scenario. No spoiler intended, but it felt a bit silly when all of the final bad guys decided to get together and hang out after all is said and done so that they are conveniently in the right place at the wrong time. Fuqua movies have a habit of stretching just a couple of minutes too long and this one comes close to doing just that again and I really would have preferred a more logical ending as opposed to the action filled, explosive one that just seemed tacked on at random.

Shooter is out on DVD and if you are a fan of action films or like me find the best part of a video game to be sniper mode and need your hit of violence, then this film is full of interest for you. It entertained me a bit more than the Bourne films actually and is worth a rent.