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OCEAN’S 13: One Number Too Many?

Ocean’s Thirteen is the third installment in the blockbuster, star studded heist franchise directed by Steve Soderbergh. Starring most all of the casts from the first two films this one centers around a revenge plot against a greedy casino owner who hurts one of Ocean’s crew.

Acting is up to par for the series, with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Casey Affleck, Don Cheadel, Al Pacino, Elliot Gould, Bernie Mac, Scott Caan, and Ellen Barkin all putting in their usual acting efforts. Missing this time was Julia Roberts, but with such a large cast of notable names who cares if she stayed home to make babies.

The film was down right simple fun ruined by complex and illogical events that stretched the believability factor just too far to compare this one on the same grounds as the previous films. Actually, I found Ocean’s 11 to be an overrated showcase of movie stars and wardrobe, yet Ocean’s 12 to be the same fun as this installment. Ocean’s 13 is a rental that should not disappoint, but I paid theatre price for it and really I will forget the caper within a few days.

Spoiler alert, sort of. Here is one of the reasons I could not 100% enjoy Ocean’s 13. They take the quirky heist situation and use methods that were too ridiculous for me to fathom them trying. For example they rent a giant tunneling machine, the same one that made the English channel or something like that. So here they are tunneling under Las Vegas to strike the bottom of a hotel and simulate an Earthquake. They do not show how they got this large tunneling machine underground without anyone noticing, they just cut right to it already being in place. Then on top of that, how did they drive such a large thing under the city of Las Vegas to the center without tearing out all of the pipes and things associated with all of the other businesses? I didn’t see them hire any genius diggers or mad scientists for that matter.

I had fun watching the movie, but looking back can not justify saying it is a great film by any means. If you just allow yourself to forget any logical reality and let the characters on the screen entertain you then it works, especially if you are a fan of the previous two films. However, if you are someone who cannot suspend reality too long or far when the movie is supposedly set in the “real” world, then you may have more gripes than praise for Ocean’s 13.

3 thoughts on “OCEAN’S 13: One Number Too Many?”

  1. I actually thought the movie was pretty good. It was absurd, as the others had been, and took it over the top but that’s what made it fun. I still think that the first one was the best though,

    good review.

  2. Believability? Who ever said anything about believability? Heist movies that are believable are movies like Reservoir Dogs or Heat, and sometimes a bunch of millionaire robbers getting flashy is what everyone needs…
    And, this one had Al Pacino in it…

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