Avatar was a good movie I thought but I will never ever watch it again!  It was way to long I mean I have a life I cant just sit around and watch it for like 2 and a half hours,  so I’m gonna give it a 3 and a half star.

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  1. Its a long movie yes, but also very good. People probably did complain alot about the Titanic being super long, but you dont generally go to that when your talking about it.
    The movie was just long because the story line needed it to be and without it like that plot and character development might not of been as well played out.

  2. I saw it thirteen times. I can inform you now that I believe that the film is a VERY long film, especially the 13th damn time, but it is, to agree with aeroswinter, very necessary to explain and show everything. Good review, though. They’re gettin a little bit longer there, though. I would recommend just saying the stuff and not putting your rating in writing (this past line was just a joke, don’t actually do that). But hey, long movies are always good. Avatar wasn’t even THAT long compared to some movies. I’ve seen Das Boot. Have YOU seen Das Boot? That shit is 293 minutes (4 hours, 53 minutes) long (the uncut version). And I’ve also seen Hitler: A Film From Germany, which was 442 minutes long (the higher side of 7 hours) and I have also seen 1900, which was 318 minutes (around 5 hours) long, and they were all masterpieces, though their length was pretty brutal. The thing that kept them from making me turn them off was one thing: It was good and entertaining. Just like Avatar, which was only 162 minutes (two hours, 42 minutes). It is just the question of “do you have enough time to do it” and are you THIS dedicated to the wish to watch this film?

  3. I believe that Avatar was one of the best movies i have ever seen! i saw it around 4 times while it was in Theaters. three in regular 2D and once in 3D. The 3D was just phenomenal in a digital theater where i saw it (Harkens Spectrum 18 in Tucson, AZ). Although lengthy i felt there was more to say than what was there. This movie could have easily been put into three separate masterpieces. first one being a prelude to the dying world (Earth) and how they found pandora and a little bit about Jake’s brother and how he got into it, the second being Jakes adventure there and getting started with the Navi on Pandora. The third being the ending of what Avatar was and a little bit more on after he turned is body into a Navi. I believe this would have made a great trilogy, but all-in-all the movie was a masterpiece and i believe could have made it longer to explain more. Great job to the producers and animators. I only wish this movie received awards at the MTV movie awards over what Twilight received, which was an award in practically everything! I would have to say that Avatar was The Best movie to come out in the past decade!

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