I just watched Dear John with my girlfriend and I hated every second. I was so bored and got fed up with the whole experience. I could not stand Channing Tatum’s character. He was the most cold hearted person. He was so mean to his father. I had no sympathy for John by the end of the movie because of how he acted throughout the movie. Richard Jenkins did an amazing job in this film though. I love all the movies he is in. He is a great actor. Amanda Seyfried did an okay job. The movie was just slow and dragged on and on. It is a good date movie I guess. I just hated it. I am the type of person who can enjoy a “Chick Flick” now and then but this was one that is unbearable for me. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. I don’t quite understand how women would even enjoy this movie. I hope you enjoyed my review. I do not recommend you watch this movie.

– Benjamin Shaw