Iron Man 2

Marvel has Done It again. They Made another movie that was really worth watching, and im guessing a little birdy told a few more people about this movie because the theater was Jam Packed! I live in Missouri In a VERY small town and that theater had the largest amount of people in it that i have seen in all my movie going years, and I understand why. The Movie was great and I recommend It to any one who likes Romance Sci-fi Comedy Action and Adventure Because that 1 movie packed all of those things into an hour and 21 minute movie. To add on to the amazing movie it had an amazing cast: Micky Rourke (Stared in that stupid movie The Wrestler), Robert D. Jr (Stared In Iron Man 1 No duh), And Samuel .L. Jackson (Stared In The as well Amazing movie Pulp Fiction). Ok To Give you a hint of whats happening in the movie I will tell you. Starting out from the last Iron Man. Tony Finally Tells the world he is iron man.6 months later he is a House Hold Name.His Ego Is more inportant to him then his wife, his robots,or The fact that he is dying. Then He takes things a little bit to far, and Almost Kills one of his Freinds.Then the whole World hates him.even his wife. To find out more go to A local Theater Near by you and then find out what happens next. In fact Dont just walk the Local Theater RUN THERE! It was a great movie and worth the 14 dollars i spent to go see it with my Buddy and he even agrees that this movie was great.Thank You for reading this.



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  1. Wow, great review, this must have been one spectacular movie. I love hearing about movies that have all the stuff you want, the romance, the action and of course the comedy. I’ve seen the first Iron Man and I thought it was pretty good and Robert Downey’s performance was amazing. I definitely want to see the second one and I thank you for giving me the heads up on how good this movie, hope the theaters are not crowded when I go see it.

  2. Revenge has always been a motivating factor in the movies as well as real life, especially sequels. Alfred Molina’s Dr.Octopus harbored revenge for the death of his wife in Spidey 2; Brian Cox’s Colonel Stryker sought retribution in the form of mental torture inflicted on Professor Xavier in X squared; three rebel Kryptonians stopped at nothing to kill the son of their jailer Jor-EL in Superman 2 ; and who could forget Khan’s relentless pursuit of James Kirk in Star Trek 2.

    There’s also a penchant toward fleshing out our favorite characters and
    upping the ante on their personal issues to seemingly make things more interesting, as Bryan Singer did with the well-meaning Superman Returns.

    When director Jon Favreau attempts to combine the above elements for
    Iron Man 2, he creates a much different film than the original. Not better, just different.He knew full well the challenges ahead when trying to create a new something that outshines an original something that most people regard as perfect.

    This time Tony Stark is literally basking in his success and massive popularity after revealing himself as Iron man at the end of part one. Seems his arrogance has returned with a (pardon the expression) vengeance also. The character arc from Iron Man One has reversed itself. Still, his egomania comes crashing down when he discovers a life threatening situation.

    Of course not everyone is overjoyed at Stark’s dazzling rise, especially a certain Russian physicist named Ivan Vanko played with vicious finesse by Mickey Rourke who apparently has maintained his body from the movie The Wrestler. You see Tony’s father Howard, committed a great wrong against the Vankos. And here’s where the revenge part kicks in.

    Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer, Stark’s most aggressive as well as kow-
    towing business rival isn’t exactly a fan of Stark Industries either. He serves as an underlying foil whose purpose it is to put Tony out of business. Could he and Vanko have similar interests?

    Yes, there may be one too many subplots that cause the film to get bogged down, but the momentum is still there, energized by old and new additions. Samuel L.Jackson makes a welcome return as Nick Fury, head of S.H.I.E.L.D., playing a more important role, coupled with the volcanic hotness of Scarlett Johansson who not only makes kicking butt look sexy, but whose presence makes Tony an offer he finds difficult to refuse- much to the chagrin of his real love interest, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts.

    Nearly twenty visual f/x houses were used for Iron Man 2, and naturally they all delivered handsomely. Riveting armored fights, high-peed aerial chases and explosions that you think might build up to atomic proportions are enough to keep anyone’s attention.

    Despite the slightly awkward balance of drama and action courtesy of Justin Theroux’s medium long script, this latest Marvel installment is infectious enough to watch while you patiently await a third one that I’m sure will happen down the road.

  3. I really think you’re giving this movie a little too much credit. I do agree the casting is perfect, but they leave Ivan Vanko as an under-developed villain. It’s like “here’s the villain, he hates Tony Stark.” I should warn you about the length, the movie is actually around the two hour mark.

    Also, you’re really going to say the Wrestler was stupid in a review about Iron Man 2? I’d like to see your review on that movie, because it’s one of my personal favorites.

  4. In case you did not get my e-mail, I never called the movie “The Wrestler” stupid in my comment/review. I saw that movie also and loved it. I said that Mickey Rourke had maintained his body from the movie, no aspersions toward the movie itself.

    I do admit that Ivan’s (and other) characters could have been developed more fully,but I feel that Jon Favreau tried to compensate by telling a sufficient back story telling what Ivan’s motivation was for wanting revenge against Stark in the first place.

  5. Hey, sorry about that Shelltoon.Guess I was a bit hasty as well as premature.

    Have you seen Robin Hood yet? I actually thought it was better than Iron Man 2.

  6. I do agree that Iron Man 2 was a fun experience (though I don’t agree that The Wrestler was stupid, as it was one of my favorite films of the past decade). However, I do agree with Shelltoon that Ivan Vanko was under-developed. Mickey Rourke does a fine job in the role, but he is shafted for Justin Hammer (played magnificently by Sam Rockwell). This wasn’t too much of a problem in my eyes, as I found Rockwell’s anti-Stark characteristics as a better antagonist to Iron Man. That doesn’t excuse the shafting of what was built up to be the main villain.

    Other than that, I agree with your opinions on Iron Man 2.

  7. While I thought Iron Man 2 was a great sequel and summer blockbuster, by no means was it an amazing movie. The movie had great actors like Mickey Rourke, Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson but the great actors didn’t make up for the fact that the movie had way to many new characters and made it somewhat difficult for the movie to fully develop each character. Also, I know this is somewhat personal prefrence but I couldn’t stand the fact that they replaced the actor who plays Rhodey and acted as if he was a remaining character. I also would have had more apreciation for the film if the entire god awful scene when Tony was drunk in the suit was removed.

  8. Iron Man 2 was a rollercoaster of action,comedy,and even a little romance. All of those things make for a fantastic film. I don’t believe director Jon Favreau could have chosen a better cast for this riveting sequel. However, I do think that Rourke could have tweaked his character a little more and made a greater impact on screen. Overall, it was an enjoyment to watch and left me itching for more action.

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