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A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

It was called legendary, and one of the best books written by many different reviewers. It earned Dito Montiel fame through literature. I am of course talking about the book A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, the Autobiography of Dito Montiel. Dito, after writting his Magnus Opus, though about the idea of making a film about his life from the standpoint of the book, using two actors who looked NOTHING like him to portray him. So, naturally, he did.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints focuses around Dito Montiel and his friends from Astoria, NY during the 1980’s, though it often transitions back to the present. The film is about Dito’s life, where it took him, and where he has to go back to be at peace. Many of his friends’ lives in the present are messed up, and you have to watch the past to learn exactly how everything ended up where it was in the present.

The best aspect of this film is everything. It is almost a perfect movie. It is just missing a spark in it that makes people REALLY want to watch it. Don’t get me wrong, I watch it a lot and every time I do I am wowed by the film, but the fact is that there is just something missing that will make some people watch the movie, and not be into it… kinda like the people who watch Pulp Fiction and think it isn’t for them, or The Departed and have the same reaction.

Bottom Line: A+. A brilliant feature that simply MUST be seen to believe.

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