Standing Still

There are many movies that don’t make it to the big screen, but are still relatively entertaining and this is one of those movies.  Standing Still is an ensemble comedy about a group of friends who come together as two of their own are getting married.

Filled with many well-known actors, this film shows what happens when your past and future meet in the present.  Elise and Michael (Amy Adams, Adam Garcia) are college sweethearts who are about to walk down the aisle and gather all of their old friends together to join in the celebration.  Many of them have pasts all their own and haven’t seen each other for years. 

Michael’s friends (Colin Hanks, Jon Abrahams, Aaron Stanford) are all coming to forks in their lives, whether it be contemplating a marriage of their own or moving on from old loves.  Elise has her old college roommate (Lauren German), who she had a relationship with when she they were in school, show up and try to change Elise’s mind about the wedding.  Her other friends (Melissa Sagemiller, Mena Suvari) are trying to figure out how to move on in their lives and move on from the things that have held them back.

Although this film didn’t break any molds, it was an entertaining foray into the lives of twentysomethings trying to finally grow up.  The large cast was made up of some great young talent.  Hanks played against type as an agent who gets into a relationship with a younger girl.  Ethan Embry, who has been in some great films (Empire Records, Sweet Home Alabama, Can’t Hardly Wait), played an off-beat character who was actually kind of annoying and pathetic.  James Van Der Beek rounds out this large cast as a drunk actor who is a ladies man.

The stories are melodramatic and some are pretty juvenile, but the appeal of the cast keeps the viewer engaged throughout.  The chemistry between the cast is strong and this flick is easy to watch.

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