Super Hybrid

Super Hybrid was a 2011 horror movie, directed by Eric Valette and released by Anchor Bay Entertainment.  It starred Adrien Dorval as Tilda, who was essentially the final girl.  Also, it starred Oded Fehr as Ray, Ryan Kennedy as Bobby, and Melanie Papalia as Maria.  It was about a man eating car, which can also shapeshift.  Needless to say, it was essentially a B movie.

The movie began with the car luring two potential car thieves inside by pretending to be a Ferrari.  Both of them were essentially devoured before the car took off down the highway and ended up colliding with another car head on.  The car was essentially towed to a local garage just before said garage closed for the night.  Ray, who was the boss, had sealed the nighttime crew inside, not knowing that he would essentially seal most of their fates.  Afterwards, members of the crew would start dying one by one.  And after one character ends up having a heroic death (by trying to save another), the four survivors would decide to fight back and try to kill it.  Of course, more would die before they were successful.

The first thing I noticed about this movie was that the acting was terrible (which was to be suspected).  Though, the acting did get better over time.  The four main actors each displayed some acting ability, but I’m afraid no one else was able to do so.  Mainly, they were each very good at acting like they were scared.

Although in the movies favor, it was paced quite well.  And it does get points for not being too predictable.  At least one character who died would have survived in almost any other horror movie.  Not to mention even the character of Ray showed heroism in the end, despite being initially portrayed as the villain (other than the car.  Also, the movie was essentially a monster movie disguised as a movie about a killer car.  It involved a plot that dealt with the car being the latest species of a long line of disguise-wearing predators.  It sounds stupid—and in a way it was—but they actually managed to make it work.

All in all, the movie was little more than a guilty pleasure.  There’s hardly anything good about the movie; yet, I found I couldn’t take my eyes away.  It essentially kept me glued to the seat and my eyes glued to the screen, with my heart beating more rapidly than normal.  Is this a movie something I would recommend to others?  Yes, I would.  Just don’t expect cinematic art—or anything close.

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