Man On A Ledge – 4/5

Sam Worthington is really making a name for himself!. After the immediate success of the world wide sensation Avatar , he is really stepping out into the leading man spot-light. After the seemingly poor made Clash of the Titans remake (although the new one does look promising). Sam is just really the man to look for. He is just a bone a fied bad ass!. But beside the fact we are here to talk about his latest step in his new found career. Man On A Ledge, its a well paced film, not so heavy on the violence per-say so if your going into this movie looking for a hardcore action film, look somewhere else. Man On A Ledge’s biggest strength lies in its story-telling. From Minute one we love our main character Nick Cassady. We want to believe him, to understand his innocence. The story by the way is just a killer. I mean i love a good movie about a man determined to prove that he did not commit the crime he was convicted of. Harrison Ford did very well in The Fugitive. But obviously that does not step in that films shadows. But the acting was very good also, did i mention Sam Worthington? i believe i did. He makes the movie for the most part considering the sinister casting of Ed Harris as the guy we love to hate, and want to see fail. Then there is Jamie Bell (you may remember from TinTin) he was a great assets for the most part i know critics are hashing this movie. I don’t know why. But Man On A Ledge is a legit movie that is worthy of your time and money.

Story:4.5/5 – Nick Cassady – (Worthington) is an escape convict, after numerous appeal rejections, has been sentenced to 25years in prison. Refusing to except the obvious he plans an amazing getaway at his late father’s funeral. One month later he plans an event that will get him noticed and let the public know that he is innocent of stealing a very fragile diamond of David England (Ed Harris). Stating he has been set up. Nick sets out to take his own life on a ledge, if he does not get his innocence proven. With the little help of a known detective (Elizabeth Banks) who has a past of her own. Shes determine to understand Nick’s situation and help him , in his quest for his freedom. While all of this is going on, his brother, and girlfriend are operating a heist to steal back the diamond to prove Nick’s innocence. But with the whole world watching and the mins ticking away before Nick is killed he is determined to trust no one and do whatever it takes , to destroy a man that took everything from him.

Story: 4.5/5 – The story here is one of the best i have seen in a while, sure we have all seen movies about escaped fugitives who are out to prove there innocence, but today in cinema we need to except Original only comes maybe once a year. But despite the lacking in originality i don’t care. I loved the story, it had me on pins and needles i was just waiting for the next event to happen. It does push the boundaries of its story a little bit and at times we are literally going back and forth between the Heist going on next store and then Nick a man standing on a ledge. Acting 4.0/5 – well there is not going to be an award nominations any time soon. But thanks to not only great supporting work from Banks , Harris and Bell. A great leading role turned in from Worthington. This movie has all the acting chops that you need for this kind of movie. Directing4.0/5 – the directing was good, again i do not see any award nominations in the near future but for a fun night out at the movies Man On A Ledge is the perfect film to see. Most likely chances are your never going to wanna watch this movie again, i mean lets face it, after you watch a story like this once usually its not as exciting the 5th time around. But who knows? Maybe i’m wrong. I don’t think its going to achieve “The Fugitive” status.

Overall: A Well Paced , perfectly executed thriller. That promises everything its advertising. Fulfilled with a terrific performance from the “man” himself Sam Worthington. Filled with outstanding twists and turns and an amazing story. You really can’t go wrong. Man on the Ledge is the thriller we have all been waiting for. I’m pretty sure i hit the nail right on the head. Sure the replay value is not high. But for a movie like this, i will award it a pass, as i probably will check it out again, some things i did miss, and i admit i was asking some questions towards the end and second guessing myself, but i could also predict it a mile away. but aside from that fact i don’t really care. I was going with the flow of the movie. I loved the pace, it was not 2hrs of just a man standing on a ledge it was filled with back story and plot details that really keep you guessing. Whats the next move? who knows. I was thoroughly impressed at the fact this movie could keep the pace it had going for it. And for the most part when you have a movie like Man on A Ledge the pace of the movie is most important. But in closing. I am going to repeat myself yes, yet again. Man on a Ledge is a movie worth the trip to the movie theater. But its most part a one and done type of movie. So if that is the case i hope you enjoy it the first time around. Like i did.




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