The Grey – 4/5

Liam Neeson , Liam Neeson. Man after the disappointing Unknown & Clash of the Titans, i was starting to lose hope. I wanted him to go back to his glory days of the outstanding movie that was 2009’s Taken. Taken was the movie that one could argue bought back his career. A little movie that took critics, audiences & the box office by storm and showed the true star power Liam Neeson does have on his fans. The Grey is no different. Most people are for some reason not enjoying this movie?!!?. I find this very hard to understand, is it maybe the films ending? or the tone? i have no idea, but i enjoyed The Grey for what it was exactly and exciting thrill to the minute action flick. The story alone had me hooked from the very start, mix that in with the films very impressive plane-crash sequence which made me feel like i was actually there and a terrific flat out bad ass performance turned in by Neeson himself. The Grey has the perfect recipe for success. Now i do admit as much as i did enjoy this film, it did have some slow parts, the start of it was a good example, i thought the movie was never gonna pick up and i started to loose hope, but instead as soon as the plane crashes man you better buckle up and hang on for the roller coaster ride your about to go on. The Grey is a spectacular, enthralling movie that is worthy of your time and money.

Story: 4.5/5 – John Ottway (Neeson) whose profession specializes in killing wolves before harming human beings. Is leading a group of Oil Riggers back home. But suddenly there plane crashed tumbling 400mph to the ground. Leaving John and several others stranded in the Alaskan wilderness. Now with very little supply of food, no hope of anyone finding them. Its up to an elite group of oil riggers to survive, but to make matters worse there is a gigantic pack of hungry, vicious wolves whom want nothing more than to just feed and murder the whole group. Now Ottaway is determined to lead himself and his group to safety before its to late and the pack closes in on him and his crew. And hopefully make it out safely.

Story:4.5/5 – The story here, is one for the ages, i absolutely love this kind of story *much like Flight of the Phoenix*. A story of survival and a message that is so bold that you just simply can’t deny!. Its a story that will hold you on the edge of your seat, just waiting for whats gonna happen next, i love movies like this where your just closing your eyes cause you don’t know whats gonna happen. So as far as the films story-telling you should do your best not to miss it, and if people are telling you differently just see it for yourself. Acting: 4.5/5 – this movie real acting revolves around one character in particular which is the bad ass Liam Neeson playing the smart, canny and lude John Ottaway. In order to have your face plastered all over the poster you should be able to turn in a great performance. I also was shocked to know Bradley Cooper was originally casted as the male lead, hmm mm after seeing this, i don’t know if this would have worked. But truly Liam Neeson should be proud and happy to add this movie to his resume. Directing: 4.0/5 – this film re-teams Neeson with fellow A-Team Director Joe Carathan. He also directed the trash Smokin Ace’s. But with A-Team and this film. I think Carathan is making up for the awful film that was Smokin Ace’s.

Overall:4.0/5 – The Grey shows Liam Neeson at his best, an outstanding movie that will have you gripping the edge of your seat. Some parts of the movie are slow, and people maybe upset by the films tone and ending. But for me The Grey worked on all levels a movie worth watching and its always nice to see Liam be one Bad-ass. A mere thirst quencher if you will. With the style of directing that Joe does have and the brilliant acting and action chops that Neeson has. Along with a bold, captivating story. The Grey should be considered a truly great film. But for the most part it suffers from itself. Its not the perfect movie. But people are mostly bagging on it for its ending and its overall tone. Listen the movie is about a group of oil riggers stuck in the wilderness fighting off vicious wolves .. thats it!. Whats to get. But everyone is entitled to there own opinion. The Grey i’m saying is a truly authentic film, that yes is more than a little violent, heavy on language and just plan amazing. Behind all that, there is a message to be heard here. Which is shocking considering the films hard R rating. So if you want to see The Grey and you haven’t its probably in your best interest to do so as soon as humanly possible. Live Or Die On This Day …. Live Or Die On This Day.




*There is a scene after the credits.

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