Lean On Me
Release Date: March 3rd 1989

Plot Outline: Based on a true story, an unconventional teacher (Morgan Freeman) returns to a school he was fired from as the principal. It is up to him to turn the school around which has been over taken by drug abuse, gang violence, sexual harassment, and poverty.



Release Date: May 6th 2005

Plot Outline: Several lives intertwine; each person is affected by racism in a unique way.


The Great Debaters
Release Date: December 25th 2007

Plot Outline: Based on a true story that took place in 1935, a professor (Denzel Washington) encourages his students to form the first debate team of their college. They have a difficult time entering debates because they are a primarily black team.


Dangerous Minds
Release Date: August 11th 1995

Plot Outline: An ex marine (Michelle Pfeiffer) is hired as a teacher to straighten out a classroom full of delinquents and unwilling students. She uses unconventional teaching methods to inspire her students and to gain their trust.


Guess Who?
Release Date: March 25th 2005

Plot Outline: A remake of the 1967 film, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Guess Who? takes a lighter road in dealing with racism. A young black woman (Zoe Saldana)  brings her white boyfriend (Ashton Kutcher) home to meet her family for the first time.


Do the Right Thing

Release Date: June 30th 1989

Plot Outline: On the hottest day of the year in Brooklyn, tensions rise along with the heat. Conflicts surface when the only two places local businesses are a Korean Market and an Italian pizzeria that are located right across the street from each other.


Glory Road
Release Date: January 13th 2006

Plot Outline: In 1966 a coach (Josh Lucas) leads his primarily black basketball team to the championships but not without many racial driven incidents along the way.