Act of Valor-Review

A team of Navy Seals are sent to a remote location loaded with heavily armed men to rescue a captured CIA agent. When they get there, they quickly find out that the lead terrorist’s master plan is a massive attack on America. A plan that they want to be worse than what happened on 9/11.  Will they stop the destruction?Review:

I would like to begin with a very bias comment. I’ve always appreciated what the brave women and men do for our country when they fight for us and our liberty but seeing it is different. Seeing the courage and sacrifice each solider makes every minute while in battle made me feel even more proud of them. So thank you to all of you wheather are are on the frontlines or behind, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Okay back to the film.  So, I liked and disliked parts of it. I really liked the realism of the CIA agent’s face (played by Roslyn Sanchez) after a foot stomps on it a couple times. In most films, especially if the woman is pretty, the director do not want to mess up her face with too much beat up makeup because she has to remain the eye candy. In this case, her face was a disaster and it actually looked like it should after such powerful blows are made to it. Great job! Even though the main characters are soldiers and not real actors, it was too noticeable that they weren’t. Meaning, instead of acting the line they were saying it but I will let it slide because they are our American heroes. I liked the action. It was live and high-packed with adrenaline.  Although, I understand the reasoning, I didn’t like the overused acts on the emotional connections between the soliders and the soliders and there lived ones. It didn’t come off as a natural connection because it seemed forced which broke my concentration and I automatically knew what character(s) were going to die. I hate that. A film puts too much camera time on specific characters for us to feel something for them and them kill them later. We are on to your trickery Hollywood; try something new next time. All in all, once is enough times to watch this film so I will not see this film again.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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