Let’s go back to the 1980s, where Ronald Reagan is President, the Cold War is still going on, and computers have now become popular. Which leads Hollywood into thinking: can the computer produce fully computer-generated images on the screen? Well one studio took the risk and made it happen. It was Disney with this movie “Tron”. Though not an overall huge success, “Tron” is noted to have some of the first computer-generated images on film. But has anything changed in 25 years? I’m about to find out.

A man by the name of Flynn (Jeff Bridges) tries to hack into his former job’s computer to find some stolen hardware. But alas, he is full of chagrin, and fails. So he and a few friends, who work at the company, help Flynn try to find the data. Flynn tries to hack at work, but gets intervened by the Master Control Program, who sends Flynn into the world of the computers. Flynn meets up with the main character Tron, and from there they try to stop the MCP.

The acting in this movie is all-right, I mean it’s not perfect to say the least. I thought it could have been better. The direction of the film was a little weak. Even though the action sequences were directed very well, but the dialogue scenes were not directed very good. The music of “Tron” really fits the tone of the movie. It’s set inside a computer, so we have an electronic score, which really stands out very well.

But it’s the special effects that make “Tron” a cult classic. Considering that “Tron” was released as a special effects film, the CGI has not aged at all. The CGI in “Tron” shows what computers were capable of in the 80s, and every time I watch this film, it’s still amazing. And without “Tron”, there would not be any Pixar. So, “Tron” really was, and still is a revolutionary piece of work.

Overall, “Tron” is an OK film. If you can’t stand the acting and plot, then the special effects will make up for it. “Tron” is a revolution in filmmaking. Some of the scenes in the movie have aged but it’s still a good to watch. “Tron” really showcased what the 80s, and the future is all about.

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