Loaded (2008)

Drugs, sex and violence could pretty much sum up the movie “Loaded” It is packed with drama and action. Jesse Metcalfe plays a wealthy twenty five year old going to law school, but soon becomes bored with his very A-typical life.

Tristan Price(Jesse Metcalfe) is convinced by his friends to go out to a strip club on the night of his twenty fifth birthday after a night of partying his brother Hayden (Chace Crawford) talks him into stopping at a beach party where they meet up with a young beautiful girl April (Nathalie Kelley) who was a dancer at the club. While at the party Tristan runs into an old college friend Sebastian Cole (Corey Large) who happens to be a drug dealer and knows that Tristan used to be a partier himself. 

Tristan ends up becoming close with Sebastian and gets back into the whole drug scene. Sebastian forces Tristan into a life he would have never chosen to be a part of and sebastian also forces himself into Tristan’s high society life and gets approval from Tristan’s family and friends.

Tristan wants to get out of this drug life but Sebastian turns his friends and family against him only forcing Tristan farther in.

This movie seems very unrealistic and the whole plot is built around an incident from Tristan’s earlier party life. 

This movie has been done before and their is nothing special about it, however it was a fun movie to watch Men will love the movie because of all the listed above and women might not mind it because it also has an incredibly good looking male cast. “Loaded” will keep you on the edge of your seat at some points, but at other parts it seems to drag on. I don’t believe I will be watching this again.

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