Hounddog (2007)

A riveting drama that will leave you speechless, starring the young Dakota Fanning as the hit star. Dakota shows us her raw talent in the film “Hound-dog” a disturbing story of a young girl from Alabama in the 1950’s and her love for Elvis.

Dakota plays a nine year old girl named Lewellen who has a strained relationship with her father (David Morse) and a grandmother (Piper Laurie) who thinks she is Lewellen’s mother. Lewellen lives a hard life but enjoys her time spent with her best friend Buddy (Cody Hanford) and listening to Elvis. She will perform her favorite Elvis song “Hound-dog” for anyone at anytime. 

When she finds that Elvis is coming to town she will do anything to get a ticket to his show, she tries stealing from her grandmother but gets caught. Her friend Buddy tells her that he can get her a ticket, she goes to meet him down at their hang out but she never could have imagined what was to happen.

Lewellen struggles with her life and having no one to turn to for support except for Charles (Afemo Omilami) a black horse trainer at a nearby farm. Charles shows her a lesson of life…to hold your head up high and keep looking forward.

The story of this movie is heart wrenching and at times hard to watch, but every single one of the actors in this movie played their parts very well. They pulled me into this life of struggle and heart ache and I believed every moment of it. 

This being only the second movie that Deborah Kampmeier Directed and wrote I am looking forward to more. Her work is authentic and very alluring.

This was a sad and depressing movie but also thought provoking I would watch it again.

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  1. This movie was sad, disturbing, tragic, and inspiring all at the same time. It had a little of everything.
    The acting was incredible, especially by Fanning.
    She never ceases to amaze me with her talents. Her young sister is definitely carrying on in her footsteps with amazing films like Phoebe in Wonderland.

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