Chronicle (2012)

There are two kind of movies. One that will totally entertain with a stale plot and another with a strong plot and deep writing. Chronicle will settle for the second choice. It is nicely poised with a technical script and has some gritty characters to care. Trank’s chronicle is neatly merged with lots of video footages and powerful performances.

The plot is about three youngsters who come in contact with radiation. They get supernatural powers and start using them with rules. Dane De haan(Andrew) does not play with rules and things go beyond control and it costs life of his best friend Jordan (Steve). His cousin max warns him but eveything goes berserk.

Landis’s writing is good. The elements and playful nature of youth is nicely shown. The main plot lacked clarity and should have been more clear. With a run time of 84 minutes, chronicle had everything in place. A good plot, story of 3 friends and youth power.

Performances were splendid and characterization was brilliant. Dane has done a good job. Alex rusell was cool and Jordan was caring. It has good supporting characters also.
Technically there are few awe moments and certain things lacked clarity. For example exposure to radiation scene note it. It has well placed visual shots with effective cinematography.

Finally chronicle is not a popcorn ride for all. But it demonstrates that a visual movie has a plot to believe and performances to feel and care for. Chronicle knocked my socks off. You know what should it have got.? Depth.

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