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Terminator Salvation, a Mr. E Movie Review

Terminator 2

Terminator Salvation

(Run time: 115 min. – Directed by: McG – Starring: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin)

Let me start by saying that Terminator Salvation is the best Terminator movie in the series and that includes the original, hands down. And that’s a strong statement since the original Terminators been on my top 10 list since I was a kid! And even without Arnold, or maybe because, this film is the creative look at a future world we were all promised in the original over 20 years ago! (Even though there’s a look-a-like cameo late in the film.)

Christian Bale is by far one of the best leading men in the business today. (Best Batman ever.) He make‘s the character of John Connor finally come to life in a real way. The pain, the worry of what‘s to come, and the confidence in his prophesized destiny. A very real and very sincere performance.

The movie is set in the near future, after Sky net and the machines have taken over the world. The human resistance is scattered and not well organized after a series of target attacks. Johns father Kyle, played by Anton Yelchin, whose still a kid at this point, has not been found yet and the first “Human-like” terminator, Sam Worthington, is discovered. (Although he’s painfully unaware of what he really is.)

This movie is fast paced and full of new, inventive terminators. Familiar ones, giant ones, underwater ones, and enough explosions to satisfy even the greediest pyromaniac. So, check it out! It’s a definite must see!


4 thoughts on “Terminator Salvation, a Mr. E Movie Review”

  1. ….really? Christian Bale’s acting and the horrible writing destroyed the character of John Connor that the previous movies had developed, not “brought it to life in a real way”. This movie can’t compare to the originality and tone of the first two, not to mention that it makes absolutely no sense at all. I bet you liked Transformers 2 too…oh wait, you did. Don’t you want more from your movies?

  2. Do I want more from my movies? Sometime yes, sometimes no. A movie for me and millions of other, is just an escape. I loved the first Terminator but I’m happy John Connor is finally a man! And what I took from the first two movies was that he’d someday lead a future resistance that I thought I was never going to see, period. Now I have.

    Oh, and on the same note Transformers 2 was visually the shit. Yeah, Prime could of been tougher but still childhood love + brought to reality = a happy Mr. E.

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. I agree Christian Bale was the perfect choice for the role of John Connor, I failed to mention that in my review…damn it.

  4. I thought that this Movie was descent, however I’ve always had a hard time understanding a few things: #1 How is it possible for John’s father to be a child while he (Conner) is a fully grown adult male? #2 Why was Reese sent to stop the assassination of Johns mother? Why not send him back in time to stop Skymet before it became sentient? Those are mostly the biggest problem I had with the franchise. Another thing. I love Christian Bales acting, and I agree that he was great in this role, however I do not agree (and this is opinion) That he was the best batman ever! Anyway your review was short and sweet and gives the fans a taste. Not more then the can handle, the perfect portion.

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