8 Mile

            8 Mile is a hip-hop drama movie that stars rapper Eminem (Marshall Mathers), Kim Bassinger, Mehki Phifer, Brittany Murphy, Taryn Manning as well as many other rappers.  This movie was directed by Curtis Hanson and it takes place in Detroit, Michigan.  The movie is a drama, though it hints more as a biography of Eminem’s life before he became a rapper.

            The movie is about a young inspiring rapper named Jimmy Smith (Eminem), though to his hoodlum friends, he is known as “B-Rabbit.”  He is forced to move back in with his crazy acting mother (Bassinger), and stuck at a dead-end job.  He is willing to do anything to get into a studio to record his own demo tape.  While his friends, especially “Future” (Phifer), try to engage him into rap battles at a local hot spot, he fails the first time because of stage fright.  His battles with emotions with his former girlfriend (Manning), and now a new flame (Murphy).

            One of the best qualities of the movie itself is the fact that the movie supports hope, and inspires those to never give up on their dreams.  The movie shows a raw emotional side of a “gangster” rapper, as he demonstrates his love for music.  The music in the movie is outstanding to anyone who enjoys hip-hop, and Eminem’s crazy style of music.  I would recommend this movie to anyone who follows hip-hop genre or anyone who has inspirations to become a hip-hop rapper.