Bucket List (2007)

Starring: Jack Nicholson as Edward Cole, Morgan Freeman as Carter Chambers and Sean Hayes as Thomas.The Bucket List, in my opinion is one of the greatest movies of all time. It has two of my favorite actors: Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. This movie will make you laugh and then make you want to cry. It gives meaning to life and that two people from different walks of life can create a great friendship. This movie is a must see.

The movie takes place in a hospital. Edward Cole is the owner of a hospital where he has made cuts to save the hospital money and of course make his pocket book even thicker. He is a multi millionaire. One day he winds up in a hospital room that he has to share with another patient, he is not happy about sharing a room, but due to the recent cuts Edward Cole had made in the hospital there are no single rooms. He shares a room with Carter Chambers. Carter is a mechanic and is middle class at best; however he is very intelligent which is shocking to Edward. Carter can answer the questions on the game show jeopardy better that the actual players on the show.

While in the hospital Edward notices that Carter writes in a journal. He asked what he was writing, but Carter would never share it with him. Carter was taking out of the room for some tests one afternoon, which gave Edward a chance to get a hold of Carters Journal; he reads the words bucket list. Intrigued he reads on to find a list of things written down by Carter that he wished to do before he dies. When Carter comes back Edward asks Carter about the bucket list as both men are dying. Carter was quite annoyed, but then lightened up and talked to Edward about the list. The two men started creating a list together.

The next thing you know the two men were out of the hospital and on an exciting adventure, fulfilling their bucket list. They went skydiving, drove race cars, traveled to the South of France to the Pyramids. Carter would never have been able to do this without Edward footing the bill, but Edward would not have done these things without Carter as a companion. The two men obviously have a good time together, although there is an argument here and there between the two of them. Thomas is Edwards Assistant; he tries to keep the two men grounded and watches out for there every need. At the end of the movie Thomas fulfills the last thing on their bucket list.

This film is brilliantly put together. I enjoyed every minute of the film, the actors, writers and directing cast should get 5 stars. It is not often you find an inspirational movie, like you have with the Bucket List.

Directed by: Rob Reiner

Writer: Justin Zachham