“In The Land Of Women” is a quirky heart felt drama romance movie. Adam Brody, who played in the hit television show “The O.C.” is a heart broken young man who decides to move from the busy LA to Detroit to care for his sick Grandmother and move beyond his broken heart. Jon Kasden, both the director and writer of this movie does a great job on capturing some very surreal moments through out the movie. 

Carter Webb(Adam Brody) is a soft-core porn writer in LA and after his famous girlfriend breaks up with him he arrives in Detroit to care for his grandmother. Carter has no expectations while living with his grandmother besides maybe being able to write. But to his great surprise he meets a beautiful older women Sarah Hardwicke (Meg Ryan) upon his second day in the small town. Both Carter and Sarah seem very pleased to have one another’s company and have a strong liking for one another. Carter soon meets Lucy (Kristin Stewart) Sarah’s high school daughter and Lucy confides in him, telling him about struggles in her life, with boys and her mom. They too also start to grow a strong liking for one another. Things get even more complicated when Sarah finds out that she is sick, which brings Carter closer to both of the women. 

Carter is too young for Sarah and too old for Lucy and finds himself struggling on what he is supposed to be doing in life and why he can’t seem to find a person to share his life with.

There are parts that will make you laugh and parts that will make you cry. “In the land of women” is a movie that people can relate too. So many of the situations in the movie are ones that everyone will struggle with at some point in their life. There is nothing special about this movie. No incredible scene and no incredible music, but it is a good heart felt movie. Kasden does a great job in capturing everyday life.