Thor 2011Director:Kenneth BranaghStars:Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster.Chris Hemsworth has a breakout roll as Thor an arrogant yet brave warrior. Thor disobeys his father King Odin who is played well by Anthony Hopkins, by starting a war with the Frost Giants. Thor’s punishment caused King Odin to cast him down to earth. On earth he is introduce to 3 scientist, one in particular scientist caught his eye, Jane Foster played by Natilie Portman. There Thor learns how not to be so selfish and understand what his father was trying to teach him all along. Thors four warrior friends try to beg the “Unexpected New King”to allow Thor to return to Asgard. But instead The New King sends Asgards powerful destroyer known as “The destroyer” to kill Thor. At this point new and improved Thor gets his swag back. Your heart will be pumping so hard you will burn all those calories you received from that big bucket of popcorn.I love how this film was directed with a mix of modern day humor and Greek excellence. I must say the makeup for the Frost Giants is genius. Also the visual effects are very eye catching. Reminds me of how beautiful Avatar was with visual effects. Kenneth adds some awesome twist to the story of Thor. He also has some great comedy moments, that even made me get tickled(I never laugh).I recommend this film to viewers who enjoy great action, drama, marvel movies. Even if you don’t like those kind of movies, go see it anyway its worth it. If you enjoyed Spiderman and other marvel characters get ready to add Thor to the top of your list, part two will be coming soon. Can’t wait to see it again, and to here the plot for part two.

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  1. I Loved Thor,It was action packed and very funny, It was a good beginning made for a sequel, but i have to sadly say I am Sleightly dissapointed, for it could have been better.

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