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The Raid: Redemption-Review

Rookie policeman and father-to-be, Rama (Iko Uwais), is sent to an abandoned building with his fellow officers to take down a dangerous drug lord with dozens of killers protecting him. For ten years, police have not tried to arrest him because of this protection. After forcing their way in, the drug lord locks them in and the protectors and residents start to annihilate them. With the tables turned on the surviving policeman being the hunted, they must find a way out alive.



            This film is action-packed all the way to the end. Of course there is not a lot of good plot-to be expected- but the fight scenes more than make up for it. I love that the scenes seemed so real and not like it was during a rehearsal or a WWE match with fake punches and kicks or background sounds of the punches and kicks. I saw the preview one time and that was an hour before the showing in theaters and I had to see it. I was completely entertained with the limited amount of talking and the maximum amount of brutal hand-to-hand combat. I haven’t seen a good foreign flick since Chocolate and Ip Man. All in all, I will definitely watch this film again and I highly recommend it. Four Stars.

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