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Lars and the Real Girl

After buying a sex doll off of the Internet, the entire town supports Lars (Gosling) in his time of need and confusion. The town as whole, views Bianca as a real person. Taking her out to dinner and to get her hair done is just the beginning. Their love, support, and the lovable, quirky characters make me want to search for a town to live in just like this one.


As the movie progresses I am shocked to say that Bianca becomes as real to the viewers as the other characters are.

Lars and Bianca have more chemistry and more of a relationship than many characters in other movies. There are sweet and touching moments that are just priceless.


I absolutely loved this movie. The plot was so original and the acting was phenomenal. Ryan Gosling is nothing short of incredible along side equally incredible Patria Clarkson and Emily Mortimer.


Watching Lars and the Real Girl, my eyes were glued to the screen. I did not want to miss a single second. It was addicting and I found myself not wanting the movie to end, though it ended wonderfully.

Lars and the Real Girl is an original Masterpiece. I have never seen anything like it.

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