Set in New York City (Central Park area), a group of friends are at a party that is rudely interrupted by a monster/alien take over.

It was quite a short movie, only about an hour and fifteen minutes. Though so short I do have to complain about the first fifteen minutes of the movie. It starts off at a going away party. I understand why they were there, to introduce the characters and to build up to the climax and the understanding of the relationships between all of the characters but my, oh my, it was much too long. Half the time I couldn’t tell who the characters were or what they were saying. And frankly, I didn’t care. That is my one and only complaint. Other than that this movie was perfection.


Cloverfield is Blair Witch meets Independence Day.

A bunch of no name, yet talented actors run through the city dodging the aliens/monsters that threaten their lives. It is a sweet and touching film in the way the characters bond and try to save each other through this tragedy.

The camera was hand held by the characters throughout the film. The scenes were very shaky and often times I did not know what was going on or what I was looking at. This is just the way it was supposed to be. The uncertainty and lack of clarity added to the feel of the movie. I was in a panicked frenzy and just as confused as the characters were. For example, we don’t see the monsters/aliens until much later in the film and even then we aren’t so sure what we are looking at.

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