The Sound Of Music

Do Re Mi Fa So ……….. Only a very selected and unfortunate few will not be able to tie that to the movie which has gone down the years as a golden classic and an all-time favorite and a definite must watch. Are you still trying to guess the movie? Let me try again…… 

How do you solve a problem like Maria? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? 

Those who guessed it right, good on you. Those who still are clueless need to go grab a DVD or Blu Ray copy of THE SOUND OF MUSIC! Set during the latter1930s in Salzburg Austria is this heartwarming musical of the Von Trapp family and the hardships they had to live through during uprising of Hitler’s empire.  Inspired by true events of the highly decorated WW1 Austro- Hungarian Naval officer George Von Trapp , Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews along with the Von Trapp children will touch your hearts and take you back in time to when their newly united family is almost about to be separated by the evil clutches of war. 

Maria who is a postulant at the Nonberg abbey is absolutely as graceful as a swan and yet as lively as a chipmunk and has the voice of a nightingale. Her tendency of getting into constant mischief has the nuns doubting her future at the abbey. It is at this point that Maria is sent of as a governess to the Von Trapp estate. It is here that she changes the norms and once again brings within the Von Trapp mansion walls the sounds of music. Captain Von Trapp a decorated WW1 hero is a patriot of Austria and isn’t timid about his beliefs and flies the nation’s flag high at a time the Nazi revolution is sweeping across Europe. 

Wholesomely packed with marvel tunes as Edelweiss, My favorite things and Climb every mountain this musical extravagance is one of my favorite musicals of all time and absolutely has the potential to be yours as well. Whilst most of Julie Andrews singing was done by her, facts state that it isn’t so with her co-star Christopher Plummer. Facts state that a lion’s share of his vocals is done by invitee artists. Surprisingly this does not for a moment draw out any negativity towards the musical. 

Director the Late Robert Wise, a legend before my time, a legend whose work I have loved as a child. I recall the year as 1992 when I first watched this movie and my heartfelt respect goes out to the brilliant work of the late Mr. Wise. Sir your production will live on for many generations to come and I sincerely hope this piece of mine will help her journey at least in a minuscule manner. 

THE SOUND OF MUSIC has been selected by the United States Library of Congress for preservation in the national films registry. Thus unfolds this master of classics in the genre of musicals. Now you tell me if you should watch it or not? 

Title: The Sound Of Music

Directed by: Robert Wise

Starring: Christopher Plummer, Julie Andrews


Rating: 09/10



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