So often we get caught up with who is in a film or what it’s about, without ever paying attention to the actual title of it. But, sometimes a title comes along that just about derails you before ever getting onboard. “Killers” is one of those titles, as producers felt the need of calling an action comedy with a dab of romance something that strong. The result was less than stellar box office numbers and a quick exit from theaters, which is why it’s already on DVD.

The story begins in Nice, France where newly single Jen (Katherine Heigl) goes on vacation with her parents. Soon after arriving at the hotel, she runs into Spencer (Ashton Kutcher), an undercover CIA operative, in the elevator. Next thing she knows, she is ‘living’ in one of those ‘storybook” French romance’s, eating at expensive restaurants, riding in exotic cars and having an intimate sunset moment overlooking the Nice countryside. After drinking a little too much one night, Jen reveals to Spencer she’s not as smooth or romantic as she was portraying. Little did she know Spencer had his own secrets about being an undercover CIA operative on a highly classified assassination mission. Several years later they are married and living in your typical suburban neighborhood, full of restrictions and nosey neighbors. This delighted Spencer, as a little taste of normal after being an undercover killer for so many years could wear on you. But, with Spencer’s past, nothing was truly safe, especially when a $20 million dollar bounty was put on his head, turning this story on its head leading to a wild and hilarious conclusion full of laughs.

I won’t say this duo of Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl were a ‘slam dunk’ as far as compatibility goes, but I certainly felt with their combined backgrounds it would at least be funny enough given the right direction. Well, not only did director Robert Luketic do his job, he made sure each of his stars had the room they needed to shine within the well-written script penned by Bob DeRosa and Ted Griffin. And for Kutcher, this is yet another example of why he needs more to do, as he just has this natural way about him on the big screen.

Kutcher hasn’t been in much over the years, but he’s still young and if he enjoys it enough, I think he can do some pretty big things given the right role. Same could also be said for Heigl, who like a fine wine, seems to be getting better with age. TV’s Grey’s Anatomy might have been her big break, and yes, she deserved all the accolades she received, but it wasn’t until her role in “Knocked Up” that people started to see her true potential.

And that’s despite the bad press she had for calling the film a little “sexist,” which was actually more true than not. Nevertheless, she pushed through and came out smelling like roses with her roles in “27 Dresses” and “The Ugly Truth.” And now with this role as a suburbia housewife wielding a gun and cracking jokes, I think the past is just that, the past. She was great and managed to hold her own quite well with such acting vets like Tom Selleck and Catherine O’Hara, both of which that should be in more projects. For Selleck, that means to stop doing so many TV movies, which has dominated his career the past nine years. No one really watches those movies so when he shows up in a film like this, we’re all delighted given his wide range of talent. But, even Selleck took a backseat to his co-star and on-screen wife Catherine O’Hara. Each and every time she appeared on screen had me laughing as her timing couldn’t have been more right playing the nonchalant drunken mother-in-law.

I’m not sure what I really expected walking into to see “Killers,” but the one thing I do know is how much fun it was to watch. With all the action comedies that have been released in 2010, this one remains the most enjoyable. Good writing and directing can go a long way to the success of any comedy, but one filled with action the suburban nightmare so many of us go through was classic. So I give credit to Luketic for keeping the film within itself and not going too far with anything, especially the action and violence which was not as over-the-top as you might expect. That along with the well managed humor helped balance the story extremely well, making it the perfect DVD to own or even rent from your local red box or Blockbuster kiosk.