Wrath of the Titans-Review

            The demigod who is best known for defeating the Kraken and being the son of Zeus, Perseus (Sam Worthington) was trying to live a fisherman’s life with his son, Helius (John Bell). A war is waging amongst the gods because they are losing their power and some are desperate to turn to the unimaginable to remain immortal. Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Ares (Edgar Ramirez) are the two willing to do anything to keep power even if it’s to defy Zeus (Liam Neeson) to free the most dangerous god, Cronos. Earlier, Zeus goes to Perseus for help but is turned away on the account of not leaving Helius without a father. Zeus is tricked, captured and Cronos is draining his power to restore his. Despite his retort, Perseus is determined to free his father and stop Cronos before his annihilates the planet. First he must find a powerful spear that-with the combination of Poseidon’s trident, Zeus’ lightning rod and Hades trident- could defeat Cronos. Only problem that lies in his way will be to trust a thief, Poseidon’s son, to show him the way to a mythical island. Will Perseus’ mighty reputation continue to reign and he defeats the evil Cronos? With the thief proclaim his right as a demigod and join Ares and Hades to free Cronos? 

Review:            Well, there really isn’t anything special about this film. It is what I or anyone expected. There was a lot of cg, mediocre story line, jumping in the air teeth baring type of action but surprisingly not a lot of heated romance. Even though I expected these factors, I still enjoyed the film. It was very fasted paced; there wasn’t any slow motion parts to distract me but grabbed my attention to make sure that I didn’t anything during the fight scenes. The graphics was adequate nothing like Avatar, but the 3D made up for that. I didn’t like the story line completely with the issue being that the gods are losing their powers because the humans’ prayers make them stronger and they stopped praying. I can understand how that can work but I wanted a little more to that story. The acting was also mediocre, nothing gripping or riveting. All in all, I will see this film again on a slow day at home with nothing else to do.

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