Clash of the Titans

I didn’t come into this movie with confidence, but I was somewhat surprised by the ability of the film from the start. From this Introductory sequence to the end, the film seemed to really go nowhere. It was as if God of War was being played in from of you by another person, and they had God Mode turned on on the Easy difficulty setting. The acting was okay and the screenplay was okay, whereas the effects were often hokey and very cheesy.

The film is about Zeus’s son Perseus (Sam Worthington), whose life is flipped upside down when the man who raised him from birth (Pete Postlethwaite) is killed by Hades(Ralph Fiennes), the god of the underworld. Perseus vows to get revenge over the gods by any means necessary.

The films flaws mainly involved the Kraken and the often faulty special effects. The Kraken scene was a big let down, and the editing sucked on the behalf of the visual effects, like when he was riding the Pegasus, you could tell that the effects were so horribly edited because I could see the movement differences in the land behind him and him and his flying horse.

Best Aspects: Okay acting, a great story, and good visual effects in a general term, though the editing involved was not too professional.

Bottom Line: C. Okay, but not that good to make me recommend it to someone.

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