Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Sci-Fi,Thrillers Rhyming review for ‘In Time’

Rhyming review for ‘In Time’

‘In Time’ is a sci-fi thriller starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried

In it, time is used as currency to buy everything that a person would need


Time is also used to determine the amount of years that a person will live

People can share time with others so it’s something they can take or give


Rich people are thought to be immortal since, with all their time, they won’t die

The poor people scramble from day to day getting time any way they can try


Justin Timberlake plays a character accused of murder and must go on the run

He’s chased by cops called ‘timekeepers’ even though the crime he has not done


This film is full of dialogue and things that are a play on words with the word time

It’s obvious and isn’t done very well which I’ll have fun with as I finish the rhyme


Cillian Murphy leads the supporting cast who all do the best that they could

This film is an example of when a mediocre script happens to actors that are good


I’ll wrap up my review of this film and hope that you’ll pardon the easy pun

I don’t recommend this film and you shouldn’t ‘waste your time’ with this one

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