Thousands of years after the mythic battle between the Gods and the Titans, in which the Titans were enslaved, a new evil has set across the lands in search of how to free the Titans from their prison and destroy the world. Led by the bloodthirsty King Hyperion, no man or woman in safe from his wrath as he has declared war on the world and the Gods. Only one man can help save the people from their doomed fate, a man chosen by Zeus himself to stop Hyperion and return peace. That man is Theseus, a Helenic peasant who has secretly been guided by Zeus himself to become a great warrior. After Hyperion lays waste to his village and slaughters his mother, Theseus begins a quest to stop the evil king and avenge his mother’s death. Along the way Theseus befriends the virgin oracle, Phadrea, who is trying to escape the claws of Hyperion in hopes that she will tell him where the magical Epirus bow rests. The Epirus bow is the only weapon that can free the Titans from their prison in Mount Tartarus and defeat the Gods themselves. Theseus must learn how to lead his people and spare the world from the wrath of the Titans and King Hyperion.

Brought to you by the same people who gave us 300, Immortals is a fantastic sight full of breathtaking images and, although not historically accurate, an amazing story full of action and adventure. Almost every scene is a work of art with stunning contrasts and vivid colors. A brutal tale of revenge and heroism, Immortals will not disappoint fans of 300-type films. Full of bloody barbarism and raw violence, Immortals is a gruesome tale of Gods and humans as they struggle to maintain the power of good over evil. The contrast of colors and light and dark make for a gorgeous sight that has made these movies so very popular.

Besides the beautiful aesthetic created by the movie’s director Tarsem Singh, Immortals lacks the same beauty when it comes to telling the story of Theseus and his fight against Hyperion. Some of the shots are so dark that it is difficult to see what is going on in the movie. Although accompanied through some of the film by a narrative, there are several times in the movie where it is difficult to understand what is going on. The story lacks the same attention to detail that was given to the images of the film. Altogether, Immortals is perfect for any fan of this graphic way of storytelling and a great candidate for the Saturday night movie rental.

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