Dream House-Review

            Will Atenton (Daniel Craig) and his family just moved into their dream house and are getting the renovations in order when Will discovers a group of teenagers having a séance in his basement about the family who used to live there. The father, Peter Ward, murdered his wife, Libby (Rachel Weisz), and two children and was sent to a psychiatric institution but was released five years later when the court could not find concrete evidence against him. Daniel digs deeper and discovers that he is Peter Ward and that he has been living in the same house with his ghost family. Confused, shocked and frustrated, Will/Peter struggles to find out if he really is the killer of a crime he would never commit. With the townspeople keeping their distance from him and the law enforcement not keeping their distance, Will/Peter evidently finds out the truth of what really happened in the house. Did Will kill his family? If so, why? Did he have help? Is the murder a cover up for something the town knows that Will doesn’t? 

Review:            Well, I enjoyed watching this film. It was entertaining, had suspense and some confusing moments but it was all explained towards the end. At viewing the trailer when it first released, I thought ok another Fight Club type of movie, which it was but then it switched to something I didn’t expect, a really good twist. I haven’t viewed a film with an actual twist that I haven’t guessed the ending in a very long time because movies these days, especially suspense/thrillers, are very predictable. I would stress again that the highlight of this film is the end when it gave me the “wait a minute” and then the “oh, wow, I get it” moments. The beginning was very heartwarming with the family bond and the middle had its yawning moments where I was about to give up on the film entirely and then the switch happened. I like that the neighbor, Ann Patterson (Naomi Watts) gets involved when Will is looking for answers but doesn’t get too close to the situation because she is keeping a secret that will soon unveil. This led me wanting more, more information, more on Ann character and what she knows. I would say that all of the actors played a great role in their characters; it wasn’t mind-blowing but enjoyable nonetheless. All in all, I will watch this film again.

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