Wind Chill

“Wind Chill” stars Emily Blunt, Ashton Holmes and many other rarely seen actors and actresses. This horror/thriller is Greg Jacobs directorial debut, which isn’t really that bad of a start. It is produced by George Clooney and Stephen Soderbergh, which is what peeked my interest.

During the holiday season, a woman gets a ride home from a stranger she meet through college. Everything seems fine until one decides to take what he claims is a shortcut. A mysterious truck that causes them to crash into a snow bank on a highway that is haunted by priests. The couple on now stuck on a deserted highway, trapped in a snow drift. In dire need of food and warmth, they decide to try to get to a gas station or a phone for help.

The whole film starts off slothful and never really picks up the pace. The script felt like it was rushed. I don’t think you ever know the names of the main characters, more reasons to care less. Every scene within the film is foreshadowed and therefore lacks the suspense that makes horror movies scary. This is clearly a shot to the wallet by George Clooney and Stephen Soderbergh . The so-called “spirits” do absolutely nothing but look creepy. The powerhouse performance by Emily Blunt is about the only acclaim I am giving this movie. What do you expect with an empty script and nothing for the actors to work with.

The first half of the film has the couple bickering. The dialog has zero wit to keep viewers interested, so you might find yourself dozing off before the second half. A very moronic screenplay which holds this first-time director back. Every so often the movie tells the viewers what time of day it is to hopefully keep viewers awake. Just more proof to how rushed this movie felt. The story-telling was somewhat confusing at times and felt I cheated when the ending rolled around.

“Wind Chill” has characters you could care less about and a sappy script. Suffers from the worst thing any horror movie can imagine, it’s predictable. With a bizarre ending that will disappoint it’s audience rather than disturb them. Don’t waste your time with this extremely boring, yes I said boring, horror thriller. Never captivates nor chills us as it was intended to. No suspense or thrills are to be found in the 91 minute running time of “Wind Chill”. The only decent thing I can say about “Wind Chill” is that it was (thanks to the exceptionally well performance by Emily Blunt) watchable.

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