The Box revolves around a family in the 1970’s who are propositioned with what could be the deal of a lifetime.  There is a catch though; in order to accept the offer, a stranger somewhere in the world must die.

Cameron Diaz and James Marsden play a married couple, who after being given a box that could make their lives comfortable, must decide whether to press or not press the button on the box.  Frank Langella is the mysterious person responsible for offering them the deal.  After making the decision, the couple is forced to deal with the consequences of their choice.

I hadn’t heard many good things, if any, about this movie.  I figured I’d find something I liked about it, but I was wrong.  Diaz and her accent in this film were atrocious.  She was horribly miscast in my opinion.  I actually liked Marsden in the movie, but even he couldn’t save this film.  The story was ridiculous and didn’t make much sense.

I absolutely do not recommend this movie.  This is one of those films I just don’t understand how or why it got made.  Adding top actors to a film will not make it watchable if the story is not there.