The debt-Review

            Thirty years ago, agents Rachel Singer (Helen Mirren/Jessica Chastain), Stefan Gold (Tom Wilkinson/Marton Csokas) and David Peretz (Ciaran Hinds/Sam Worthington) were on a mission to capture the Nazi doctor, Dieter Vogel (Jesper Christensen), and turn him in to Israel to pay for his crimes against humanity. After the mission is a supposed success with the forced self-defense death of Vogel instead taking him to trial, the three return home as heroes. Thirty years later, Singer’s daughter launches her book honoring the three for their bravery and service to their country. Something tragic happens to Peretz leading Singer and Gold to find out that someone knows the truth of what really happened thirty years ago and if the information goes public it could ruin their lives, including Singer’s daughter. What really happened to Vogel? Is the new information a lie to start a publicity rumor to promote the book?  


            Well, I enjoyed watching this film. It had a good amount of suspense to where at times I just wished the scene would tell me what I want to know and be done with the anxiety. The timing period switched between the 1960’s to the 1990’s explaining what happened before, during and after the capture of Vogel. Of course, the beautiful Helen played a great role as someone struggling with not facing the consequences of her past to protect her future, her daughter and granddaughter. During the 1960’s scenes, I watched as the three agents planned the kidnapping while trying to ignore the invisible love triangle, or lack thereof, that formed between the three from day one. I only wished to know just a little back story of the company they worked for and what are their operations. Are they operable only to capture Nazis? Are they a secret government involved in other patriotic matters? Maybe I missed something, but I never heard a back story. I am also used to there being at least one person in charge for them to contact with new information on films like these because the three agents always seemed on their own on the mission. Also, the make of this film seemed like it was based on a true story the way the events of the past and present chronicled itself. I enjoyed the end as it was gripping and enticing and left me satisfied but a little annoyed. All in all, a good suspense film and I will see this film again.

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