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More Tokyo Gore with “The Machine Girl”

“The Machine Girl”

I thought for sure that I had had enough of the “Tokyo Shock” scene after seeing “Tokyo Gore Police”, after seeing that film I nearly gave up on the sub-genre all together. Feeling froggy I figured it would be safe going with a Tokyo shock as long as it wasn’t written and directed by  Yoshihiro Nishimura. It was ok that he had done the FX, his work in that department is  really quite good. Instead I went the safe route (really sarcastic) with porn director Noburu Iguchi’s ” The Machine Girl”

Thank goodness there was no penis gun this time around. Just your classic “Tokyo Shock” Nishimura style! Fingers, heads, arms all cut off with the single swipe of a Katana blade. Imagine again the fan like sprays of blood in full force.”The Machine Girl” was a very stylistic, well written and acted yarn that spins itself around  young High Schooler Ami Hyuga (MInase Yashiro).

When Ami’s brother Yu and his friend Takeshi are murdered by a young gang, led by the son of a Yakuza Clan Leader, Ami stricken with anguish, vows to avenge her brother, doing whatever it takes, including becoming a “demon” for her family and tracking down his killers.

“The Machine Girl” was a really cool film with elements of “Master of the Flying Guillotine” “Mighty Morphine Power Rangers”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and Tekken. The Yakuza boss is a dead on ringer of “Heihachi Mishima, he even sounded like him too. This film never really takes it self too seriously and exploits itself in all the right ways. The characters were all very likable and stylized end over end.

One scene in particular that really stood out, raised it’s arm, waived and screamed at the top of its cinematic lungs, was when Ami visits the home of one of the young gang members. She extracts info from him and proceeds to cutting his head off, the scene cuts to his mother setting the table for dinner when suddenly the power goes out and suddenly back on. Well, in that short amount of time, Ami put his head in a stew pot and when the mother opens it to see her sons head inside, she screams, giving Ami the moment to stab her in the back of the head with a kitchen knife. What comes out of her mouth is , including pints of blood, a bit of her intestine, yellow puss? I think? The camera cuts from her mouth spewing to the stew put filling and covering the boys head or the hand in boiling oil making a Tempura hand. Really intense and very well done( In a exploitive, over the top sort of way). Ohh, I forgot to mention that Ami loses her arm during a torture scene led by the Yakuza boss and his clan, including his sadistic wife. Only to have a Gatling gun prosthesis to replace it.

“TMG” is nothing but style and fun. The ninja “Mighty Morphine Power Ranger” looking scenes were very cool and any time you have a flying guillotine  grabbing peoples heads and legs and ripping them off and showing it, is pretty freaking amazing too. Chime in the bra drill in the closing scene and you have an exploitation film at its very best. The film does exactly the way you want it to do. No weird twists and turns or perverse scenes to derail this locomotive of shocking fun. Interesting that a porn director has no nudity in the film, but a very nice touch. For a good time….check out ” The Machine Girl”


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