The Warrens Are Back

“The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” was directed Michael Chaves, who previously directed 2019’s “The Curse La Llrona”, produced by James Wan who directed the previous 2 films and based on the 1981 trial of Arnie Johnson. The film is the third “Conjuring” film and the 8th in “Conjuring” cinematic universe. It sees Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga return to their respected roles while being joined by Ruairi O’Connor, Sarah Catherine Hook & John Noble. Talks of a Conjuring sequel, rather than another spinoff had been around since 2016. Even though “The Curse of La Llrona” was a massive disappointment, the studio went with Michael Chaves after original director James Wan opted out after his committing to his other films, 2021’s “Malignant” & 2022’s “Aquaman” sequel. Wan would serve as producer.

In 1981, famed demonologists Ed & Larraine Warren (Wilson & Farmiga) are bought to the Glatzel family after their 8 year old son becomes possessed. During the exorcism, the boy is joined by the Warrens, his parents, his older sister, Debbie (Hook) and her boyfriend, Arnie (O’Connor). The possessed boy attacks Ed, causing him to suffer a massive heart attack but then Arnie steps in and offers his body to the demon. Ed tries to warn Arnie but to no avail. Ed is left in a coma but is on the recovery. While Larraine remains at Ed’s bedside, Arnie slowly begins to see visions of a demonic occult. One afternoon, Arnie starts to feel ill but also begins hallucinating. During this episode, he stabs his landlord 22 times but has no memory of the ordeal and is later arrested. While in jail, Arnie is visited by Debbie & the Warrens after Ed is released. The Warrens make a case that demonic possession is at play but no jury will by that without substantial evidence. Now, the Warrens must investigate the origins of the Glatzel family which will lead down a very dark and dangerous path that will put their expertise to the ultimate test.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting another “Conjuring” film cause the spinoff film have not been all great with the exception of “Annabelle: Creation”. So finally seeing Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga return to their own film was such a great treat. While their performances alone are great and carry the movie along, its the execution of the film that really bogs it down as a whole. The storyline & plot are sloid but the cheap jump scares & formulaic surroundings that really makes this a downgrade following the previous film. Despite it being better than “The Curse of La Llrona”, the first & third “Annabelle” films & “The Nun”, its probably the weakest in the trilogy.

Overall, this had great performances from the 2 leads but its film surrounding them that falls apart and isn’t all that great. Michael Chaves did a much better job directing this film compared to his previous one but it still a let down following the 2 previous films. Hopefully, James Wan can return as director for another film but only if he’s joined by Wilson & Farmiga. The Warrens have many cases to chooses from but then again another spinoff wouldn’t hurt either, specifically, “The Crooked Man” from “The Conjuring 2”.

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