When Paul Haggis is involved in a movie (In the Valley of Elah, Quantum of Solace, Flags of Our Fathers, Letters From Iwo Jima, Million Dollar Baby, Casino Royale), it is damn good. Though his resume is fantastic, he never made a movie of his own that was as widely viewed as it was until 2006, when he released Crash. His true masterpiece, Crash is a compelling and great movie, and deserved the Oscar it got for Best Picture.

Crash is the story of multiple Los Angeles residents that are battling racism and all of their two-sided personalities. The cast is amazing, Brendan Fraser and Sandra Bullock having a well-acted failing marriage, Don Cheadle as a cop who is looking for his brother, Matt Dillon and Ryan Phillippe as two cops who have their good and their bad sides, Terence Howard with Thandie Newton as a marriage who was happy until a cop incident, and many other characters all connected to each other in one way or another. The film truly captured the essence of human behavior.

Best Aspects of this film were the great direction, great writing, and amazing acting.

Bottom Line: A. Great film that deserved all that it got (which was the Oscar for Best Picture 2004).

9 thoughts on “Crash”

  1. I thought Crash was overrated and sort of generic. It did contain a few compelling scenes but all in all it seemed Hollywoodized (yes, i just made up a word). A much better movie was Gran Torino.

  2. I liked Gran Torino, but I felt that Crash was just so compelling and twisty with the connection of everyone. And by the way, Hollywoodized is an okay word to make up. I make up words when I need emphasis myself.

  3. I don’t think you can really compare the two, aside from the theme of racism being apparent in both. They had entirely different narrative structures.

    For the record though, I think Crash was very cleverly done, whereas Gran Torino bored the hell out of me!

  4. I really liked the Crash the one time that I saw it. It was a very compelling story, with great acting and realism. My favorite character was Terrance Howard of course because he is so cute. The situation with Don Cheadle’s brother was very heart felt. Good review J.C. Simpson!

  5. I think that Don Cheadle had the most heart-felt situation, but I think that the best character in the whole film was Michael Pena, because that part where his daughter is shot at by the dude but they are blanks. That part is just heart-wrenching.

  6. I thought Crash was an overrated, pretentious, preachy piece of crap. It does not deserve any awards, it doesn’t deserve the praise it received, it deserves only the harshest criticism people can give.

    This is a script that was written for the sole purpose of winning an oscar, and it succeeded because the academy always chooses movies that have to do with this sort of thing. This one was about racism and sterotypes, The Hurt Locker was because it was about the war in Iraq, etc.

    The one scene that sums up how preachy and shitty this movie is is when Ludacris and his friend are walking down the street and they see Sandra Bullock pull herself closer to her husband. Then, the guys start preaching about how there’s always that stereotype everywhere, and they probably think that they have guns. “We do have guns.” And then they steal their car.

    This movie is so bad and I don’t understand why people fall prey to the shitty message that it tries to put out. I respect others opinions but I do not understand them.

  7. It was the best movie nominated that year. I didn’t fall to any message at all, I fell to the beautiful acting, writing, drama and shots that made the movie hit home.

  8. Crash is a fantastic film and it is far from overrated, in fact it is largely underrated these days. Also don’t forget, Crash was not the favourite to win the best picture Oscar the year it won, Brokeback Mountain was.

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