“Inside”, truly a roller coaster of fear and suspense

Inside is one of the greatest horror films to ever come out of France! Most recently the French have raised the bar with such titles  as “Haute Tension” and “Martyr’s( which in their own right are quite fantastic films of the genre, but “Inside” trumps them both. “Inside” is the Mona Lisa of all things horror.

The opening sequence begins with a baby in the womb and the voice of a women speaking to becalm the child. At which point an impact is received in the womb, the baby appears to have induced the blow. The impact was caused by a car accident. An expectant mother in the drivers seat is seen trying to come to sorts, looks over to the passenger seat to find her husband overcome by his injuries.

A few months later Sarah (Allyson Paradis) is instructed to return to the hospital in the morning for labor to be induced. That night(Christmas Eve) Sarah prepares for the next morning, when a knock at the door disrupts the low-key evening. The voice at the other end of the door asks to use the telephone. Sarah denies the visitor, but the stranger persists. Sarah eventually lies and states that her husband has gone to bed and opening the door would be a bad idea to wake him. The assiduous nuisance replies to Sarah that she doesn’t have a husband-her husband is dead. Sarah immediately contacts the authorities. For them to arrive and find nothing. Except for when she settles her head down for the night to fall asleep, the outline depiction of a women is seen standing in Sarah’s bedroom. The baffling stranger continues her compulsion for something Sarah has and holds dear to her heart….inside her stomach.

“Inside was horror personified. One of the most suspenseful films I’ve ever seen. Across the board this film was well presented and executed. The entirety of the movie takes place in an apartment house, which produces a high anxiety setting for the viewer to crawl about. The scenes of horrific gore were very well produced. Nothing looked overdone, there is not a bit of exploitation here. Aside from some CGI work in the beginning, the effects were painstakingly realistic( not that I have seen someone getting their hand stabbed to a door with a pair of scissors). One scene in particular that is infinitely burned inside my brain is the sharp poker into one end and out the other of a humans neck or that same devious poker into the arm of La Femme ( Beatrice Dalle).

As “Inside” makes the final turn toward the home stretch, the suspense is so thick, hopefully your doorbell doesn’t ring( cause you will shit yourself). “Inside” has incredible elements of pure terror, just another reason why this French film is a must see. I was literally talking to my television warning and steering the characters in different directions, unfortunately to no avail.

Overall a well written, perfectly paced roller coaster of suspense, horror and acting so good it brings you into that terrible, terrible world that is “Inside” and just when you thought you may receive a reprieve from the action “Inside” brings you gore so shockingly realistic Valium should come with every rental.



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