Though the 1997 version is much more acclaimed for being the… well… original, Funny Games was brilliant, and much better than the original. Now, the reason I say that is because of the following: A BETTER cast (remember, not creepier), and much better graphics, since the original looked like it was filmed with a Cannon Powershot.

The film centers around the Farber family, which becomes terrorized by two psychotic youths who make a simple deal with them: if the family can live through the night until the next day, then the two will leave. The plot is amazing, and Michael Haneke, the director of the original, also directed this version, which is just as sick and twisted and… awesome… as the original.

The best aspects of the film were the ending, or turnout, and the great overall plot. The film’s events were very well done, though it was quite slow at times. The ending I can’t reveal, but it is really good, and whoever watches it will probably either love it or hate it, depending on what they expected the ending to be.

Bottom Line: A. A great movie and a very sick, twisted look at the reclusive life and what happens if you are too reclusive. A must-see for any and all psychological horror film lovers.