The Pleasure Drivers steers you into the slow lane of entertainment.

The Pleasure Drivers is directed by Andrzej Sekula and claims to interweave three separate tales involving a cult kidnapping, an impotent man with a sex addict, and a lesbian assassin. This clash of stories is acted out by Lauren Holly, Angus MacFayden, Lacey Chabert, Meat Loaf Aday, and Billy Zane.

First off: I get angry when a movie uses deceptive advertising for promotional purposes. The outside of the DVD case list the actors in the film and beneath that an indication as to their role within. Billy Zane is listed as “the assassin”, yet the only assassin in the movie is a woman who isn’t bald nor acted by Billy who plays a cult preacher/leader. Also Meat Loaf is listed as “the drug runner” which makes one think there will be some sort of underlying drug tale and depth to his character: not true. Meat Loaf is not a “drug runner” in the movie it seems he is some hillbilly living in a  trailer and though he happens to have a vial of crack on him he is far from being actually involved in that profession.

Aside from misleading roles for the actors this movie is also advertised to have been made by some of the people who worked on Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs The directors could have used some of their notes from such films to have really developed this one, but it would appear that lacking possibly a great budget and blowing their load on semi-A-list actors they must resort to the blatant name dropping to gain attention. The movie does not live up to such associations. As for the claim that this movie is three tales woven together…well it is more like two and the lesbian hit woman is never really developed nor does she ever even speak.

Now that I have shared some of the negative let me relate some positive things. The film is not too bad visually, until the ending sequence where the action is dumbed down with cheap effects. Some of the characters are quite entertaining in a quirky way. Billy Zane’s moment is humorous, Angus Macfayden has a very intriguing character, and of course who doesn’t want to see Lacey Chabert as a sex addicted call girl?

Sorry I could not keep going with the paragraph involving the positive attributes because the great characters and concept are lost in a very boring and slow movie. I bet the script for this film would be a good read with all things considered, so the ultimate failure I think lies in the hands of the director on this one.

The Pleasure Drivers is not an appropriate title because the erotic meanings behind it do not seem to apply to all of the characters. The main character seems to be Lauren Holly and she doesn’t have sexual motives at all. The exploration into the connection of erotic pleasure and death is an interesting one and the way the film closes with Angus’ character is a decent ending, but not to this movie. The ending should be attached to a more in-depth and charismatic film, something that would perk me up from the yawning and pay attention.

The Pleasure Drivers drives itself straight into the freebie box at rummage sales around the world and the people who actually paid to watch it should have pooled their money to make their own film.