It is not a horror movie, but Candy is one of the most horrible movies you will ever see. However, I mean horrible like Michael Jackson means he is BAD and quite frankly I think Candy, or at least certain scenes, should be used in anti-drug campaigns.

Candy is directed by Neil Armfield and stars Heath Ledger,  Abbie Cornish, and Geoffrey Rush. The story follows a young woman named Candy and young man named Dan as they fall in love with each other and the drug heroin.

Drug use is not romanticized in this film. There is passion and beauty in the portrayal of two lovers sinking their lives into each other, however the drug use is shown as brutal and ugly. Many of the scenes are unforgettable and I’ll not ruin them for you here.

Heath Ledger puts in a powerful performance as do all of the co-stars. Abbie Cornish equals the greatness of Heath and Geoffrey Rush casts a striking figure of interest within the story. Tony Martin plays Candy’s father and though it is not a large role and he doesn’t have too many lines I would like to single out his portrayal for a compliment: good job. The smile and acting done by Mr. Martin rounded out the cast of characters making each and every single one of them deep in strength.

The director does a good job of making the scenes rich with color and mood. Yet, he does not ever slip away from the harshness of the subject matter. Therefore the film does not come off as candy-coated Hollywood art, but rather something with actual meaning.

Candy is advertised as a poetic sort of love story, but it is not so much poetic as it is an unrelenting showcase of self-destruction. The movie is divided into three parts: Heaven, Earth, and Hell. Once you have viewed Heaven and Earth and see the superimposed word Hell coming on to the screen you cannot help but wonder: how could things get worse? The bleakness of the situation, however does no leave a viewer succumbed with hopelessness. There is a sense of hope attached to the story’s message, though it is explored from a more reality based perception.

A dark movie with powerful acting, Candy will not leave a sweet taste in your mouth or in your memories, but it will take you on a raw, unforgettable journey. The ugly side of addiction and the helplessness of being in love may sound like a depressing movie, but  Candy is a remarkable experience.